Families in Transition

For veterans and their loved ones

Families in Transition is a confidential program for veterans who want to focus on the more personal aspects of relationships at home. This program helps accelerate the transition from military to civilian life for all members of the family. Just like the ’round table,’ our round pen is a place where everyone can be seen and heard. Our equine coaches can show you how to ask for space, rebuild trust, restore healthy boundaries and communicate in a way that works. We can also help show you how to lead without force and relax without losing awareness.

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn to listen
  • Ask for space without getting angry
  • Collaborate rather than control
  • Make sense out of your emotions
  • Relax and enjoy the connection to those you love
I learned things about myself and my wife that I hadn't even thought of. There's something about the space those horses created that allowed me to understand things in a way I never did. When we left, we were able to talk about so much stuff without getting upset.
US Army

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