Because they’re honest ... how they feel is what they do

~ Horses have three qualities that make them naturals at guiding people toward more effectiveness in the world ~


The Wisdom of The Prey

Their existence for 55 million years has depended upon their ability to sense the heart rate, muscle tension and breathing of others from 30 feet away.  They’re hard wired to discover the true intentions of those around them because as prey who, in the wild, get eaten by big cats or wolves, the stakes are extremely high.  By learning to understand their ‘language’ and reactions to us, we are able to reconnect with our own inner landscapes and often discover states that we have long since buried.  Another key characteristic of horses’ nature that serves as an invitation for us to risk being honest, is that they base their responses to external situations on whether or not a person or situation feels safe to them – rather than taking sides based on like or dislike.  Their preference is peace, safety and harmony for the herd as well as themselves. They deal with reality as they see it – without reservation.

It is an honor to be trusted by a creature who is so discerning.

Experiential Learning with Horses - Paint-colored horse neighs as woman looks on, laughing

The Lack of Hidden Agendas

Horses let us know EXACTLY how they feel about how we act with them. Their perception of who is safe and who isn’t – is based on how honest, present and congruent we are with them.  

If we allow them to express themselves, they will.  They are delightfully un-self conscious and never hide behind the kind of masks that we humans have come to view as ‘normal’.  As powerful, non-predatory animals — they do not manipulate or strategize, nor do they ever take advantage of fear.

In addition — if we do not constrain them and allow them to express themselves, they will. They are delightfully un-self conscious and never hide behind the kind of masks that we humans have come to view as ‘normal’. Unlike many predators — as prey — they do not manipulate or strategize, nor do they ever take advantage of fear.

Horses don’t care where you live or where you come from, they care about how you are with them right now. They teach presence, honesty and cooperation.


Transparent Trust

We domesticated horses about 6,000 years ago and aside from large African prey animals, they are the only mammals larger than us with whom we can freely engage. 

While they are ALWAYS scanning for danger, they are very willing and able to cooperate with us. On one hand, they move fast in response to something they perceive as a threat.  On the other, they can be very affectionate and serve us in ways that would be unthinkable to most prey animals.  

War horses have carried us into chaos on the battlefield; as police horses, they can ‘hold the line’ to control an angry mob and ranch horses can learn to work cattle no matter how big or uncooperative the herd may be … all because they trust their riders.

If we understand that the only real way to ‘harness’ and direct a horse’s tremendous strength and agility is to be fair, balanced, consistent and respectful, they will trust and  serve us  with their incredibly strong bodies and great hearts. 

To gain this trust, it is up to us to be honest, congruent, clear and authentic. 

Are these not qualities we aspire to develop in ourselves and what we want in our leaders?

“Horses respond with all of their being. All they know is honesty.”
Buck Brannaman

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