Whether a woman is transitioning from the military, making her way out of an unhealthy relationship, recovering from issues linked to substance abuse or working with others in the healing arts, we will meet her wherever she is on her journey.

All of what we do here is centered on rebuilding healthy relationships and we have specific exercises that address a woman’s ability to set healthy boundaries or ask for what you want without getting upset. Our goal is to help women find their own voices by becoming more grounded, clearer and more connected to their own wishes. We help break through self-limiting patterns and help our clients see for themselves what happens when they change.

Horses provide instant, honest feedback so that when a woman changes her approach and behavior, the change is apparent to all. As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to the intentions and emotional congruence of those around them, so it’s easy to make changes in real time, right now.

All programs for military women are free of charge.

There is a fee for all nonmilitary programs. CEUs are also available for some clinician-based programs.

If you want to sponsor a woman veteran, contact us.

We’ll guide you to the appropriate program and format to help you meet your goals — for you and  your organization.

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Women in Transition

From Military to Civilian Life

Making the transition is not easy for anyone, but for women, the journey presents some unique challenges. Not only is it difficult to leave the structure and camaraderie behind, but it is also difficult to make the kind of changes that hold certain cultural expectations of women.

 This transition can also be compromised by harassment or sexual assault that can leave women feeling angry, frustrated and depressed in ways that interfere with their ability to believe in the possibility of leading productive and satisfying lives.

We take particular interest in supporting women who want to move beyond the the self-limiting patterns of thinking and feeling that can accompany this journey from war to peace and believe that we can offer tools for empowerment, self-management and autonomy that provide a whole new outlook on the future.

I had forgotten how much I needed to open up again and take the time to trust my own sense of things in my life. It wasn't easy there and it wasn't easy coming home, but if you don't start somewhere, nothing ever changes. This was the easiest way to begin I can imagine.

True North

Sometimes we can lose touch with our bodies for good reason. Attunement to ourselves and others can can get lost through too much stress, life-threatening illnesses, sexual assault, addiction and functioning for too long on adrenaline.

Landing in oneself and protecting the places that need to be kept separate from others is easier said than done. Healthy boundaries are key. Knowing what we really want can be a process.

Asking for that takes courage and and working with our equine coaches is a powerful way to accelerate that process of finding our own true north. 

A healthy dose of equine resonance, connection, collaboration as well as our tools for resilience go a long way to restoring and renewing energy…and a long way toward helping all of us find our own true north.

I've had a lot of responsibility for other people for a while and had lost touch with what's important to me. Working with these horses has made me more in touch with myself and in an interesting way, less drained by others.

Transitions as Thresholds

For those in recovery from physical, emotional and spiritual diseases

Not all transitions are easy, but met with self-awareness and an open mind, most can be navigated with grace. We help you slow things down, make distinctions between things that are important and things that aren’t and most of all, help you access new perspectives that can make all the difference. Being present to yourself is never more important than when you’re facing uncertainty — or finding a new way of relating to your life.

We have specific programs geared to the unique journey that women make from military to civilian life. Whether or not this transition involves dealing with sexual assault, combat-related stress or simply the need to adapt to both the obvious and more subtle levels of cultural differences, the move can be stressful.

We offer tools to both understand and adapt to these changes and empower women to make distinctions that can turn stress-filled transitions into thresholds for personal growth and development.

We teach clients how to set healthy boundaries vs. creating barriers, how to stay grounded in the face of people and situations that are triggers and how to discover one’s own True North.

I was surprised at how comprehensive the program is, and how little I was aware of my own compassion fatigue. I felt as if I'd been on vacation for a day and returned to my office refreshed and renewed.
VA Clinician

Practitioners and Patients

We also offer programs for women who work with or have survived other types of physical, emotional and mental diseases.

Those who are in the healing arts will find that a day or weekend at The Equus Effect goes a long way to alleviate compassion fatigue and restore one’s ability to be present to others who are in need.

We also work with women who are survivors of life-threatening diseases, women making their way out of unhealthy relationships and women who are facing any type of transition that requires letting go of habits and attitudes that no longer serve.

Please contact us to discuss fees and schedules for these workshops. We would be happy to talk with you to find a program that meets you where you are on your journey.

I felt more alive and spent less time thinking about the past or the future with those horses than I have in months. I was totally relaxed and totally energized at the same time. I went home and slept better than I had for a very long time. It's like I came home to myself.

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