“The Equus Effect In Action”

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Producer/Director: CB Wismar | Director of Photography: William Benjamin Willis

22 veteran suicides a day
PTSD affects 7.7 million adults, or 3.5% of the U.S. population
25.1% of teens ages 13-18 years old are affected by anxiety or depression disorders
by adulthood 1 out of 5 women has been sexually assaulted; 1 out of 33 men

Our Mission

To provide veterans and others in high-stress situations with essential tools to meet life’s challenges and build healthy relationships through purposeful engagement with horses.

Our first obligation is to serve those who have and are now serving us.  We developed this curriculum for veterans and first responders who know what it is like to be prepared for situations that can change without warning. All of our programs for these brave men and women are offered at no cost to them. 

Veterans have already raised their hands and said that they would be willing to give their lives to protect us. We at The Equus Effect, believe that it is our responsibility to protect them and others who put themselves in harm’s way, to do all we can to support them as they return from military service or from emergencies that can happen on a daily basis.  We do this through the generosity of donors, foundations, as well as through fee-based programs for individuals who are interested in personal and professional growth.  See Attention & Energy page.

Our Vision

A country where veterans have the opportunity to enjoy the physical, mental and emotional freedom they were willing to give their lives to protect.

Our Values

We never charge veterans for our services.

Our sincere desire is to give those who want to return to their communities and live satisfying and productive lives ‘a leg up’ through our four-week curriculum.  

We rely on the generosity of people who want to see these brave men and women go from surviving to thriving.  
We also do our part to ensure the sustainability of our flagship program.  Providing individuals in transition,  recovering from physical, mental and emotional conditions and diseases — as well as well as people looking for personal and professional growth — with tools that restore goodness to their bodies, minds and spirits through adaptations of our curriculum. 

No horse experience necessary. No riding involved.

“We don’t seek the painful experiences that hew our identities, but we seek our identities in the wake of painful experiences. We cannot bear a pointless torment, but we can endure great pain if we believe that it’s purposeful. Ease makes less of an impression on us than struggle. We could have been ourselves without our delights, but not without the misfortunes that drive our search for meaning.”
Andrew Solomon 

Are you interested in helping us?

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The Equus Effect is a registered 501(C)(3) corporation. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.


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