Horse led by veteran jumps over short hurdle

March 4, 2018
at Pequot Library

720 Pequot Avenue, Southport, CT 06890

Learn how our unique curriculum 
pairing military veterans with horses offers returning warriors the tools they need to go from surviving to thriving in civilian life.

Tickets: Adults/$50  Seniors/$40  Veterans/FREE

Tickets may be purchased through the Pequot Library

4:00 – 6:30PM

Introduction to The Equus Effect

‘Cry Havoc!’
written & performed by Stephan Wolfert
directed by Eric Tucker

Refreshments & Discussion

Stephan Wolfert Image

For more information:
call Gaylord Meyer at 203-362-7365
Tickets may also be purchased online through the Pequot Library


Stephan Wolfert barefoot on stage

Stephan Wolfert’s ‘Cry Havoc!’ is a piercing one-man play. Stephan is a veteran who has experienced the challenges of returning home from military life and re-connecting with society. His incredible talent as an actor and playwright brings his experience to life for all of us.

‘Cry Havoc!’ is powerful theater because of it’s ability to bear witness – this is what I saw, this is what I experienced, this is what I think it means, this is why you should care.  ~ Boston Globe

‘Cry Havoc!’ explores the psychological trauma of war – both on and off the battlefield. Wolfert traded his military career for a life in the theatre after seeing a production of Shakepeare’s Richard III.  He recounts gripping tales of his military service, weaving this personal narrative with lines from some of Shakepeare’s most famous speeches.  ~ Broadway World

‘Cry Havoc!’ is an extraordinary and poignant autobiographical play … that makes the plight of the veteran ancient and the words of Shakespeare contemporary.  ~ Dan Dwyer