Simple, easy exercises in hand, on the ground. We lead, we groom, we walk and talk, we spend time “grazing” with the herd. We navigate obstacle courses together and learn to lead from a place of cooperation — not control or dominance. No prior horse experience necessary.

Since we believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything, the connection to your own life becomes obvious pretty quickly. You’ll see that managing others through cooperation is much different than getting what you want through coercion. Setting healthy boundaries with your child or spouse by recognizing in your body when a line has been crossed — and learning how to reclaim your space without getting mad is much easier to learn with a horse than with a person… particularly that person. Knowing what you feel and being honest about it — if only to yourself and the horse beside you — is a magical moment of positive change for most adults. It’s the way back to your own inherent wisdom and the gateway to the life you are meant to live. Working with horses often changes your view of yourself and your relationship to the world. It expands your capacity to respond rather than to react — on the inside and on the outside.

Because we work on non-verbal communication skills, patience, tolerance and setting healthy boundaries in real time… right now. Since horses are sensitive to our presence and very clear about their own, we have a chance to negotiate the same types of things we have to learn to succeed in human-to-human interactions. When we take out words, we’re able to focus more on energy and intention which we believe, is the foundation for all healthy relationships.

As soon as you start to practice the principles we teach in your relationships at home, things begin to move. When we change what we put out there, what comes back to us changes as well. We create feedback loops that become healthier and more productive… and so it goes.

As researchers ourselves, we understand that healthy relationships are based on the release of oxytocin — caring, concern and compassion. When we care for a horse, we create a loop of that particular hormone. Horses also have a very strong HRV. When we’re near them, we tap into their heart rate variability and pick it up through our bodies. They also live in the present and because they’re bigger than us, we begin to learn what that feels like…as opposed to living in stories and memories. The ‘learning’ part of what we do teaches clients how to call upon that sense of well being when we engage with others.

Horses also model self-regulation and teach us how access that in ourselves for better sleep, more resilience, mental clarity and most important… tools for life.

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The facility is about 3/4 mile on the left.

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NOTE: Please do not park or turn around in driveways on the right side of the road.

Call or text (203) 613-1107.

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