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The Equus Effect
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November 13th – 15th

The Equus Effect is offering an introductory course for ESMHL Professionals, Therapeutic Riding Instructors, EFP and EFL practitioners and individuals who are interested in personal and professional growth . This course is for those who are interested in enhancing their own self awareness and emotional resilience in order to help clients achieve the same through Experiential Learning with Horses.

This workshop is also open to men and women who want to experience the impact that working with horses can have on their personal and professional development.

We believe that to effectively serve veterans, people in recovery and other trauma survivors, it is essential for prospective practitioners to experience the program for themselves.

As we like to say, “You need to live it, to give it.”

Inside The Equus Effect

To this end, we are offering a three-day introductory course called Inside The Equus Effect – Level I. This workshop is intended to give participants the opportunity to learn about the science and skills that inform our approach and to experience for themselves the insights and new perspectives that this program can offer.

Students work with horses in the round pen as instructors facilitate

The Equus Effect is a sophisticated, structured and comprehensive program that is designed to have a lasting impact on clients. Our aim is to build participants’ capacity for these relational qualities:

  • more effective communication
  • healthier boundaries
  • groundedness and presence
David-Sonatore-and-one of The Equus Effect star horses, Dutch
  • sensitivity to others
  • dealing with triggers by responding rather than reacting 
  • optimism, joy and spontaneity

Our unique focus on self awareness, self management and emotion regulation offers clients the opportunity to change habitual, self-limiting patterns that stand in the way of one’s ability to have healthy, authentic relationships. And, in our view, healthy relationships are foundational to success and satisfaction in life for all of us.

We all need to cultivate these traits in ourselves and only then can we offer this opportunity to others. Therefore, our facilitator training is designed specifically to cultivate these qualities in students as well as demonstrate effective ways to teach them.

Inside The Equus Effect (ITEE) Level II. This course is for those who think they might want to pursue the full training … or who simply want to experience more for of this work for themselves.  Participants who enroll in this three-day workshop must have completed ITEE – Level I. Students who believe they want to continue to the full four day three-session curriculum can deduct $500 from the price of full training.

Logistics – Cost – Timing

The Inside The Equus Effect  Levels I & II workshop courses are limited to 6-7 participants during COVID 19.

Cost:  $795/person

Feel free to contact us for more details.

Note:  Inside The Equus Effect Levels I & II are required for qualification to attend the The Equus Effect Full Training.

The Equus Effect Full Training & Apprenticeship

Once a student has taken the Inside The Equus Effect course, both staff and students decide if candidates are a good fit for our approach. Participants also have the chance to evaluate the program in terms of their readiness to take the next step with us.

In order to graduate (receive a Certificate of Completion and Facilitator’s Guide) from The Equus Effect Training, students are required to:

  • Attend three four-day sessions that include didactic material which informs the science and principles behind our approach
  • Demonstrate competence in delivering the didactic material and scripted parts of the curriculum
  • Know how to facilitate experiential learning exercises in the round pen – in hand and at liberty
  • Understand and follow the principles associated with co-facilitating vs teaching
The training includes learning how to understand and use:
Two students looking on at Inside The Equus Effect Course
  • The Introduction to Horses as Powerful, Non-Predatory Animals
  • Somatic Experiencing Tools – for self regulation, self management and emotional resilience
  • Experiential Exercises – using tools derived from Eponaquest and Natural Horsemanship
  • Emotional Agility Presentation – based on the work of Karla McLaren* and Linda Kohanov**
  • The four principles – Resonance, Connection, Collaboration and Resilience that inform experiential exercises with horses

  • The Bladder Meridien technique from the Masterson Method

  • Invitational questions derived from the Internal Family Systems IFS) model, which we teach and include in our current curriculum

*Karla McLaren has written several books on emotional intelligence, empathy and the freedom that comes when we can make distinctions among our emotions and use both the message and appropriate response that each brings to bear on any given situation.

**Linda Kohanov is the founder of Eponaquest Worldwide. She both informed and inspired our adaptations of her work. She authored three books that changed the way we look at horses as sentient beings and how to use their wisdom to guide our interactions with them and with each other. These include: The Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds and The Power of the Herd. We feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for her intelligence, innovative concepts, her high regard for horses…and the gifts they bring to humans.

Train to Facilitate:

Students are trained and supervised throughout the learning process and certified only when fully able to deliver all aspects of the curriculum.

See our Training Program page.

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The Equus Effect is a registered 501(C)(3) corporation. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.


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