The Medicine Horse is in need of some Horse Medicine

DAY ONE   Tango, our incredibly sensitive, and attuned horse with his clear medicine hat, war bonnet markings would have warranted a special role in any tribe. He would have been ridden by a very brave warrior or the medicine man. The warrior and healer in one creature. Two sides of the same coin.

For us, he acts as the healer for the warriors from all walks of life who come with frazzled nerves and leave with a renewed sense of their capacity to handle life on life’s terms.

Right now however, it is Tango who needs the healers. He has a big sinus infection and tooth that needs to come out.

The infection came and went a couple of years ago. We treated it with antibiotics, which didn’t cure it. It went away after a while, but now, it’s back.

Dr. Moyer, who does both acupuncture and dentistry saw something in his jaw that looked suspicious. He suggested that we take him to Rhinebeck Equine to see what was up.

Here’s what the x-rays confirmed …

Tango’s upper left jaw has a tooth with a root that is most likely infected and should come out. The sinuses that run all through his face also need to be flushed to get rid of what is probably another infection there … two different things.

They’re going to drill a hole in his skull and flush the sinus cavity for 2-3 days until it is clear of bacteria, YIKES!

They’ll take a culture and decide exactly what kind of antibiotic we will use to keep it clear… until it’s gone.

This is a very big deal for him and for us. We need to raise $5000 to cover the cost of the tooth extraction, the surgical procedure needed on his head, the sinus flushes for 2-3 days for the hospital.

In the military, they say, “No soldier gets left behind” and we have our own very, very good soldier who is needed back at his post … as soon as possible!

DAY TWO   Here’s Tango with his skull wrapped so the docs can keep flushing his sinuses. The wrap puts pressure on his face to keep the wound from opening up or getting infected.

He turned his face away from us when we came into his stall. I’m sure he feels VERY vulnerable and didn’t want us to see him this way, but we let him know that we know he’s okay and that we were glad to see him.
I could feel compassion for him going through my whole body as I realized how this great big horse is surrendering to treatment by strangers without knowing exactly what’s going on. I hope he knows that he is in good hands.
He lifted his head and turned toward us when we told the doc about who he is and what he does. She was incredibly impressed with what she heard and asked lots of questions.
She told us she could imagine that he was good at his job because of how strong AND gentle he is. Maybe he was glad she was learning about who and what he is when he’s ‘on his game’. I hope so.
The vet then said they had flushed out his sinus cavity — and that the tooth root was indeed infected. They believe that if they flush it clean for another day or two and take the culture they need to determine what kind of antibiotic will work, they’ll be able to stop the infection.
He’s pretty groggy and keeps almost lying down, but then catches himself. They said they turn off the lights over the stalls, but of course, it’s like any hospital where the techs are coming in and out all night.
Poor guy … he looks tired. His pupils are dilated from the sedative, and the whites of his eyes are pretty red. He just looks exhausted, so we will be very glad to have him come home.
Kelly and I told Tango that we need him back to work, that Dutch misses him and that he’ll be home in a few days.
To be continued …
We are VERY grateful to all of you who are help helping us out!!  THANK YOU!!  ❤️‍🩹

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