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Right now, more than ever, we need to address the invisible wounds of those who are serving our communities during this pandemic.

Like military men and women, they are highly trained.  Unlike soldiers however, they are not prepared to put themselves in harm’s way while ‘on the job’.

This enemy is also unseen and far less predictable than most of what anyone learns through medical training.  Nor is the risk confined to some faraway place.  It’s here … at home, at work, at school … everywhere.

Perhaps the greatest sources of stress however, are the risks frontline workers pose to their own families … and to those they are trying to help.  Isolation is a terrible thing for mammals, and we know how difficult it has been to face the reality of this virus without being able to touch patients or to feel the comfort of touch at home.

Our program is based on neuroscience.  Experiential learning with horses can help us all get grounded, get clear and get connected — to ourselves — and then to those with whom we live and work.Frontline workers have told us that this approach has enabled them to move forward with grace and dignity as they return to their jobs and their calling. Our equine partners are good at this,  They can change our points of view in more ways than one can imagine.

We understand compassion fatigue.  We understand trauma.  We understand resilience and the need for renewal. 

We have the expertise:
• Seven years working with veterans and first responders has taught us lot.
• We know about the impact of stress on the nervous system.
• We know about dealing with uncertainty.


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I didn’t realize that being there for others means I have to be there for myself first. I learned this with the horses and the resiliency tools the staff gave me. Now I know how to check in with myself, and respond rather than react to others. What a gift for myself and for everyone at work and at home.
Nurse Practitioner

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